Click here for larger imageAn event website on the STRONGVON Tournament Management System is a public website dedicated to your tournament or other event. It can be used for these functions:

  • Collect online registrations;
  • Collect online payments for registration fees;
  • Sell items related to the event (such as tickets and T-shirts);
  • Display important information related to the event (such as directions, rules, schedules, and hotel details);
  • Link to external URLs for more related information;

The event website is free of charge with each event you create on the system. This allows you to create an interactive online presence for your potential registrants and customers. When you create an event on the system, an event website is automatically generated for you at a public URL on the server. If you choose to use the event website, the Administration Software provides tools for you to control the website content.

In addition to the default event website, you can generate embed code (widgets) for the registration form, competitors list, and results to put directly onto your own website. You can use both the event website and widgets to maximize your marketing reach.