Version 9.0.xx Released

TSW version 9.0 has been recently released for public use. To start using it, exit and rerun TSW, and select to Update when prompted at the program start.

Version 9.0 requires the latest installation package. If you have an installation that is older than a year, you need to Uninstall the old TSW, and then reinstall using the latest installation package.


  1. Uninstall the old installation of the STRONGVON TOURNAMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM using Control Panel | Remove Programs.
  2. Download the latest installation found on the Quick Start page, or download it directly from our Cloud Storage on Cubby.
  3. Run the installation package after download is complete.
  4. After Installation, run TSW as normal and select to Upgrade from server when prompted.


  1. Download the latest Mac package ( from our Internet cloud storage onto your desktop.
  2. Locate the current TSW app icon in your Applications folder in Finder, and delete it.
  3. Open the contents of the new Mac package ( and drag the TSW icon into your Applications folder on the Finder.
  4. Run TSW and select to Update new version from server when prompted.

Major changes with 9.0 are:

  • New method Networking computers using HTML clients instead of TSW. (Option required)
  • Improved Match Timers capability. (Option required)
  • Improved generation of winners list to file.

A complete list if changes since 8.0 will soon be posted.