Using Yellow Flag for Bracket Complete

TSW 8.0.17 and above introduces the “Bracket Complete” flag, which indicates when all match winners and nodes of the placement table on a bracket have been complete. This flag appears as a yellow triangle next the bracket name on the Division Tree located to the left of the current bracket view. This flag is helpful when you are publishing an accurate account of the tournament results, and you need to see which brackets have not yet have completed results.

As a default the yellow triangle flag appears on all brackets that have associated registrations. It appears regardless of whether or not the competitors are loaded into a node on their brackets. So long as TSW recognizes that a registration belongs to a bracket, the flag will be displayed next to the bracket’s branch in the Division Tree.


To remove the flag from the bracket:

1. Select all the winners of the bracket. You can either double click on each winner’s node and select the winner from the pull down menu, or you can drag the winner into the winner’s node directly on the bracket.

2. Ensure that all nodes of the Placement table below the bracket shows a winner for each place. The nodes that need to be filled are appropriate to the size of the bracket. For example, if there are only two competitors associated with a bracket, then the nodes for the 1st and 2nd place winners must be filled before the Placement Table is considered complete. If there are four or more competitors associated with that bracket, then all 4 nodes on the Placement Table must have a name. Normally, when you select all the match winners, TSW automatically determines which names should appear in Placement Table. However in some cases, you need to double click on the placement node and select the winner of the bracket.