Selecting Tournament Currency

To change the currency used throughout your tournament:

1. Access the Update Tournament window on the web version or on the Server tab of the full version. You must be logged into the server to change configurations on this window.

2. Select to view the “Costs” tab of the Update Tournament window (2nd tab on window).

3. Scroll down to the “Currency” field, and select the desired currency. The most common currencies are listed in the selection. If you have a currency that isn’t on the list, send a request to add this currency to

Once the currency is selected, the 3 letter ISO code that represents the currency will appear throughout the registration website. For example, if you select US Dollar, then the ISO currency code “USD” will appear next to price values on your registration site. If you are using Paypal to collect the fees, then this is also the currency that is sent to Paypal for checkout.