Search & Filter Techniques for Registration List

The view filter bar at the top of the registration list (approved, pending, or conditional) has been made to apply nested levels of filters. Thus, you are able to refine searches until you locate the desired registrations.

Acceptable Phrases for the Filter Bar

The acceptable phrases is not limited to name or school. You can put any phrase that appears in any field for the registration. For example, you can filter by phrases within the first name, last name, academy, address, phone, zip, instructor, or division code. When you specify a phrase for the filter, your effectively searching all fields in the registration.

Applying the OR Operation

If you want to view the list of registrations that can have one or more of a set of phrases, then separate words with space. For example, in Figure 15, the filter for any registration with the division codes “WHT:A-L” and “WHT:A-M” will appear in the filter. Thus, all registrations that are assigned to the White belt/Adult/Light bracket and all registration assigned to the White belt/Adult/Middle bracket appear in the resulting filter.

Applying the AND Operation (Refining the Filter)

If you want to refine your filter by adding another filter on top of the previous filter, then apply the filters one at a time in sequence. Each time new phrase is entered in the filter bar, the filter is applied to the previous filtered list.

For example, if you want to search for everyone who is named “Bob Smith”, first apply the filter for “Bob” to show everyone with the word “Bob” in the registration field. And then apply the filter for “Smith” to show everyone with the word “Bob” and “Smith” in the registration fields.

Exact Phrases

If you want to search for an exact phrase, enclose the phrase with opening and closing quotation marks. For example, this phrase finds all registrations with “ABC” or “Academy” in the registration fields because there is no quotation marks around the phrase:

ABC Academy

This filter finds all registrations with the exact phrase “ABC Academy” in the fields:

“ABC Academy”

Removing all Filters

There are two ways to remove all filters applied to the registration list:

Clicking on the “Reset” button to right of phrase box. This works on both the server and on the local database.
Opening the Update Registrant window for a registration directly from the Brackets tab on the full version (local database). All filters are removed from the Registrant list when you access the registration fields for a specific registration by selecting “Registrant Info” from the right mouse click on a bracket node.