Click for larger imageOnce you have set the initial matches in the divisions of your tournament, you are ready to publish the brackets. The brackets can be published at any stage of its completion, including:

  • Initial round of matches only.
  • Some or all match winners selected.
  • Completed with all match winners and bracket winners
  • Initial round and bracket winners only.
  • Publishing All Brackets
  • Competitors can have instant access to the online brackets as soon as you send them the URL. When they click on the URL that you email, or publish on your website or blog, they have navigation and searching tools to find their specific bracket. A competitor can enter his name at the upper left corner of the browser window and then click “Search Registrant” button to yield a link to his specific bracket.

In addition to publishing the brackets online, you can print bracket sheets for distribution or posting at your event. Brackets can be sent to one of two outputs:

  • Export to Word: This generates a file formatted in MS Word format (with file extension “.doc”). This output allows you to customize the bracket sheets. You print the bracket sheet from an application that can read Word.
  • Native Format: This sends the bracket directly to the printer from the Administration Software.

When you print a bracket, you have the option of printing the bracket with the age or official weight or both. If a competitor does not have a weight or age saved in his registration, then the related value will not be printed regardless of whether or not you enable its printing.