The STRONGVON Tournament Management System allows you to create promotions that offer almost any type of discount on the registration fees. Using the Promotion Code feature, you can create an unlimited number of unique promotion codes that represent a specific type of discount. Each promotion code can be configured with qualifications based on any specific combination of values for the online registration fields.

These codes can be used by one or many registrants, depending on how you structure the discount. A promotion code can be created for a specific individual, for a subset of your registrants, or for anyone. Only registrants who qualify for a specific type of discount can use the promotion code that represents that discount. You can even assign the number of times that a promotion code can be redeemed.

When the registrant fills in the online form, he redeems the promotion code just before he submits the form. Upon redeeming the promotion code, the total amount due is adjusted with the discounted amount. The registrant then completes payment of the discounted price and receives a confirmation of the registration.