Printing Match Labels

You can now use the STRONGVON Tournament Management System to print labels containing information about a specific match on a bracket. The labels can be given to a competitor so he can identify his next opponent and obtain any additional information about the match, such as location, time, or coordinator. When you view a bracket on TSW, you can print information for a specific match on that bracket by selecting the winner’s node. The match information can be printed directly from TSW, or you can export the data to a Word file, much like the way you can export data for an entire bracket to a Word file.

The printed label for a match contains the following information:

  • Bracket Name
  • Name and Team of Competitor 1
  • Name and Team of Competitor 2
  • Comment field for the match

The ability to print match labels is now available on the latest version of TSW (version 8.0.45), which has just been made available on the update server.

>> View online instructions on how to use this new features.

>> Download PDF of Technical guide to “Printing Match Labels”