The pricing structure of the STRONGVON Tournament Management System was designed to give you the level of service you require at your level of business. You can be a promoter of smaller events that fetch fewer than 50 registrants per event, or a promoter of large events with over 500 registrations, or anywhere in between. You pay only for the management of the number of registrations you need for now, and expand later with the growth of your business.

We offer for absolutely free the download and use of our Tournament Management System. There are no charges to immediately get up and running with an account where you can manually enter competitor registrations, create brackets, and publish brackets. Your free account allows you to use the full features of managing registrations and brackets. Select from a variety of templates and customize as you go, or create a tournament from scratch. Free help is available by searching our detailed documentation and knowledge base. It’s truly a no risk way of trying out the benefits of the STRONGVON system.

Once you’re comfortable with using the system and you are ready to start collecting registrations online or importing registrations from another data source, you can explore the alternative options for adding registrations to your account. You can even pay now for a small number of imports or online registrations, and pay later for additional registrations. You are charged only when you prefer the convenience of one of these alternative options for adding registrations. Otherwise, use of the system is FREE, and there is never a charge for registrations that you have manually added to your event.