Lock Out Code for Synchronization (Sync Current)


The TSW administration software has introduced a feature that prevents multiple sources of local database from overwriting important changes on the server. When engaged, the synchronization lock will prevent a computer from performing a SYNC CURRENT with the server. The lock is engaged at the start of a SYNC CURRENT process on an unlocked event, […]

Block online registration for a division


A little known feature but very useful feature on TSW is the ability to block online registration for any specific bracket on your tournament. When there is a specific combination of skill level, weight class, and age group for which you wish to prevent online registration, you can easily do so using TSW. This is useful when […]

New network option for linking stations at tournament


The new networking option on TSW offers tournament organizers a simplified and effective way of linking multiple computers together on a single local tournament database. This new option allows you to update your tournament in real time and instantly disseminate match results to multiple locations throughout a tournament venue. When used with TSW’s free feature […]

Using Maximum Currency for Promo Code


You can now specify a Maximum Currency value for a promo code. This new value works similarly to the way the Minimum Currency field works on a promo code. The promo code is valid only when the value of the registration reaches the Minimum Currency value, but cannot be greater than the Maximum Currency value. […]

New Installer Required for Latest 9.0 Updates

TSW Installation Package

The release of the most recent Update file requires a re-installation of TSW on your computer. The latest installation package was just released on April 29th 2015. In keeping up with recent changes to operating systems and Java Real Time Environment, we needed to rebuild the installation package for compatibility with the new environment. If […]

Version 9.0.xx Released


TSW version 9.0 has been recently released for public use. To start using it, exit and rerun TSW, and select to Update when prompted at the program start. Version 9.0 requires the latest installation package. If you have an installation that is older than a year, you need to Uninstall the old TSW, and then […]

New Features on Match and Team Scoreboards

Scoreboard 2

The Match and Team Scoreboard options have been upgraded to save you money in expensive scoreboard displays and time in dealing with clumsy scoreboard software.

Java Applet Workaround

Java Logo

With recent updates to Java’s Applet technology, follow these instructions to add STRONGVON to Java’s Exception Site list for continued use of free admin applet.

Meaning of Changing Colors in TSW

Colors of Competitors

The full version of the Admin software displays certain items in different colors to indicate different statuses that will assist you in the process of placing competitors into initial matches. Color codes will only appear on items of the local database on TSW.

Printing Match Labels


You can now use the STRONGVON Tournament Management System to print labels containing information about a specific match on a bracket. The labels can be given to a competitor so he can identify his next opponent and obtain any additional information about the match, such as location, time, or coordinator.