New Installer Required for Latest 9.0 Updates

The release of the most recent Update file requires a re-installation of TSW on your computer. The latest installation package was just released on April 29th 2015. In keeping up with recent changes to operating systems and Java Real Time Environment, we needed to rebuild the installation package for compatibility with the new environment. If you have an existing installation before April 29th 2015, you will need to re-install the full package on your computer to use the latest update released on the server. If you do not wish to use the latest update, then you do not have to re-install TSW, but you must click CANCEL when prompted to update the software at the start of TSW.

Follow the instructions below for re-installing TSW on the most appropriate platform.

****FOR WINDOWS Vista, 7, or 8***

  1. Uninstall the old installation of the STRONGVON TOURNAMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM using Control Panel | Remove Programs.
  2. Download the latest installation found on the Quick Start page, or download it directly from our Cloud Storage on Cubby.
  3. Run the installation package after download is complete.
  4. After Installation, run TSW as normal and select to Upgrade from server when prompted.


  1. Download the latest Mac package ( from our Internet cloud storage on Cubby onto your desktop.
  2. Locate the current TSW app icon in your Applications folder in Finder, and delete it so you do not confuse it with the new TSW app icon.
  3. Open the contents of the new Mac package ( and drag the TSW icon into your Applications folder on the Finder.
  4. Right mouse click on TSW and select to OPEN when warned that the program has been downloaded from the Internet. You will only have to open TSW only once like this. After it runs, you won’t be prompted with the warning anymore, so you can then double left click on the TSW app icon to run it for subsequent sessions.
  5. After running TSW as normal, select to Upgrade from server when prompted.

You will be required to have Java version 1.8.x installed on your Mac before using the latest TSW. If after installing the Mac package TSW does not load, it it likely you need to update your Java. Please follow the instructions for installing version 1.8.x of Java on the Mac Support page. Please scroll down about half way and follow instructions for checking the Java version on your Mac and then installing the latest Java version: