Moving multiple registrations at once

You can now set the bracket for multiple registrations at once. This is very helpful when you have not yet set defined the bracket criteria for a group of registrations. Many tournament organizers decide on the breakdown of brackets after receiving the full list of registrations because of the varying weights, ages, and skill levels. This new features allows you to set the brackets later and then easily move people into brackets after a complete full evaluation of the registration list.

To move multiple registrations into a bracket:

  1. Access the Registrant tab on full version.
  2. Select multiple registrations on local database Registrant tab. You can do this by holding down the Ctrl key while clicking on each registration you want selected. Alternatively, you can select a range of registrations that are listed next to each other by clicking on the first registration in the range, then hold on the SHIFT key, and click on the last registration in the range.
  3. Right mouse click somewhere on the registrant list to display the popup menu.
  4. Selected “Set Division” from the popup menu. This opens a window with the list of all the available brackets.
  5. Select the desired bracket to which you would like to move the selected registrations. You can only select one bracket.
  6. Click on the “Move” button if you want to remove the existing bracket assignment after the assignment of the new bracket. Click on “Add” if you want to leave the existing bracket assignment.

See Explanation for MOVE versus ADD for New Bracket Assignment
If you move a registration into a new bracket, you are removing the existing bracket assignment. If the registration is already assigned to a bracket in more than one category, you will be prompted to decide which bracket assignment you want to move.

If you add a registration into a new bracket, all existing bracket assignments remain intact, unless the existing bracket assignment is within the same category as the new bracket. You cannot add a new bracket assignment if the registration already has a bracket assignment in the same category. For example, if a registrant is already assigned to the Light weight bracket, you will be unable to add him to the Middle weight bracket within the same division. If you attempt to add him to another bracket within the same category, the software will perform a “Move” action instead of an “Add” action.