Meaning of Changing Colors in TSW

The full version of the administration software (TSW) displays certain items in different colors to indicate different statuses that will assist you in the process of placing competitors into initial matches. Color codes will only appear on items of the local database on TSW. The server records will never show color coded items. There have been a few recent changes to the color code on the Registrants tab (TSW 8.0.93 and later), but it’s worth going over all the color codes used on TSW.


When you are viewing the Registrants tab on the full version of the admin software (TSW), the competitors now have a color code that indicate the status of that registration record relative to the server counterpart. Until recently, there were only 2 colors (black and red) to flag whether or not the registration was violating a configured restriction. But now, there are 2 additional colors (purple and yellow) to indicate the restriction flag plus a flag on whether or not the record is synchronized with the server.

Here are the full color codes for the Registrants tab:

red = restriction violated, synchronized with server
black = no restriction violated, synchronized with server
purple = no restriction, not sychronized with server
yellow = restriction violated, not sychronized with server

When the record is purple or yellow, the timestamp of the local record and server record are different. You can see the local and server timestamps in a popup window by hovering the mouse over the competitor’s name (as shown in the screenshot to the right).


The Non Placed list appears on the right side of the Brackets tab on TSW. This list presents you with each registration that has not been put into an initial match of a bracket. A name appears in a different color within this list depending on its the registration’s category status. If the name is not on the list but the competitor is in the registration database, then either the competitor is already placed in an initial match, or the competitor is marked for “Do Not Bracket” on his registration.

Here is the color code for names that appear the Non Placed list:

black = has complete category information, but not loaded into an initial match of its bracket.
red = has no category enabled
orange = has at least one category enabled, but not the all selection fields on that category has not yet been selected.


The Division Tree is the directory of brackets that appear on the left side of the Brackets tab on TSW. The number that appears in parenthesis next to each division selector is the count of competitors for that selection. The count is either red or blue, and these color have meanings as follows:

red number = at least one competitor with restriction violation
blue number = all competitors with no restriction violation


The Current Bracket area appears in the middle of the Brackets Tab on TSW. This displays the bracket structure of a division of competitors, and the initial matches indicated by the population of the bracket nodes with competitors’ names. Here is the color code for this area:

Orange node background = disqualified competitor (node backgound is white as default). To mark a disqualified competitor, select his node click on “Process” button and then click on the “Disqualify” button.
Red competitor name = registration violates one or more restriction on this bracket. (Click here for info on setting bracket restrictions)
Black competitor name = registration does not violate any restriction on this bracket.