Mac Support

Click here to get the latest Java for your browser
WEB VERSION (Java Applet)
The web version of the Administration software is a cross-platform Java Applet, which will run on the Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and IE browsers of a Mac computer. Your computer must first have the latest Java environment installed for your browser. Please go to to have your browser checked for the latest installation of the Java environment.

The full version of the Administration Software (TSW) is available for the Mac OSX Maverick operating system. You must be running OSX 10.9 or later and have the latest Java Real Time Environment installed. Most Mac computers come with the Java environment, so it’s likely that you already have a sufficient Java environment installed if you are running Mac OSX 10.9 or later. When you run TSW on the Mac, you do not need to run the web version of the Administration software.

TSW Installation Instructions on Mac:

  1. Copy “” to desktop
  2. Click on icon to uncompress.
  3. Locate a folder called “STRONGVON Tournament Management System”, and click on it to open the folder
  4. Locate the TSW icon, and drag it into the Application folder
  5. View the Application folder and click on TSW icon. This should run the TSW application. Please perform the Update if prompted when you first run TSW.

If after following the above instructions, you run into an error that says Java will not run, you will need to ensure that you are running the latest Java version that is compatible with our software.

To check the version of Java installed on your Mac, please follow these instructions:

  1. Run the Terminal. If you do not know how to do this, follow the instructions in this video.
  2. In the Terminal command prompt, type “java –version”.
  3. If the version is not JRE 1.8 or later, you will need to install JRE 1.8.
  4. If you already have JRE 1.8 or later, then contact STRONGVON Support for assistance in identifying the problem.
  5. If you have a version earlier than JRE 1.8, then follow the instructions below.
  6. Close the Terminal.

If you determine that you need to upgrade the JRE on your Mac, do the following:

  1. Go to the page to download JDK 8 package from Oracle’s website:
  2. Select to Accept the License Agreement.
  3. Click on the link to download the product file for Mac OSX x64.
  4. After the package downloads, open it from your Download folder.
  5. Double click on the box icon to start the installation process. You will need to authenticate your login before installation can begin.
  6. After installation of the package, follow instructions above for running the Terminal and re-check the JRE version. It should now show 1.8.
  7. Locate the TSW app icon again and try rerunning our sofware.

If you still cannot get the STRONGVON Software to work, please contact STRONGVON Support.