Lock Out Code for Synchronization (Sync Current)

The TSW administration software has introduced a feature that prevents multiple sources of local database from overwriting important changes on the server. When engaged, the synchronization lock will prevent a computer from performing a SYNC CURRENT with the server. The lock is engaged at the start of a SYNC CURRENT process on an unlocked event, and the lock can be released from any station that knows the lock code. The intention is to give the person who engaged the lock the power to control who does the SYNC CURRENT process, thus avoiding unintentional overwriting of changes among multiple stations. When a tournament synchronization lock is engaged, the only option is to release the lock or reload the tournament. If you don’t know the lock code, then the only thing you can do is to Reload the tournament from the server. A locked tournament gives a person time to ensure his changes are uploaded to the server before another station can perform a SYNC CURRENT.

Here is how you engage the sync lock on a tournament:

1. Download the latest database from the server to your local TSW database, and make changes on the local database as required.

2. When you’re ready to do a SYNC CURRENT, click on PUBLISH button and select SYNC CURRENT.

3. You will be prompted for a Lock code. If you wish to engage the lock, enter a code and then click OK. (If you do not wish to engage the lock, click CANCEL).


4. If you engage the lock, at the end of the SYNC CURRENT process, you will be asked if you would like to Release the lock code. If you want to release the lock code after your sync, enter the same lock code that was used to engage the lock. If you do NOT want to release the lock code, click CANCEL.

If you did not release the lock code at the end of the SYNC CURRENT process, the tournament will remain locked. No one else can perform a SYNC CURRENT without knowing the lock code to release the lock.


A tournament that is locked will only prevent the SYNC CURRENT process. The lock will not prevent someone from making changes directly to the Server tab. Be careful to ensure no one makes changes to the Server if you do not intend for the changes made directly on the Server to be overwritten with the next unlocked SYNC CURRENT.