Java Applet Workaround

The STRONGVON Tournament Management System has always provided a free web browser version of its administration software since 2006 by means of a Java applet within browsers. Recently, Oracle (who purchased Sun Microsystems, original owners of the Java technology, in January 2010) has added security protocols that prevent the use of our free applet without the user adding our site to the Java security exception list. To maintain its license free use, we are forced to instruct users of our free admin applet to add to the Java Exception Site list on their computers. The changes that affect the browser version of our administration software does not affect the full version that is installed on your computer.


Accessing the Java Control Panel on Windows Operating System

To access the Java Configuration settings on the Windows Operating System:
1. Click on the Windows START button
2. View “All Programs”
3. Open the “Java” folder and select “Configure Java” to open the “Java Control Panel”

Accessing the Java Control Panel on Mac OSX Operating System

To access the Java Configuration settings on the Mac OSX Operating System:
1. Open “System Preferences” from drop down menu of the Apple icon in the upper left corner.
2. Click on the “Java” icon to open the “Java Control Panel”

Adding the STRONGVON Site to the Exception List

Once you have the “Java Control Panel” open on either the Mac or Windows computer:
1. View the “Security” tab.
2. Click on the “Edit Site List” button to open the “Exception Site List” window.
3. Click on “Add” button and type in the Location field.
4. Click OK to on both the “Exception Site List” and “Java Control Panel” to save your changes.

Running the Admin Java Applet

Once you have added STRONGVON to the Java Site Exception list (as described above):
1. Access and ensure that you can now load the Login prompt for the STRONGVON admin applet.
2. Accept the Security Risks