Distinguish between Sync Current and Reload Current

There are two ways to get tournament data from the STRONGVON server and data on the local computer to be synchronized with one another: SYNC CURRENT and RELOAD CURRENT. To ensure that you do not inadvertently lose changes that were made from either the server or the local computer, you must first understand the functions of these two actions. Here is a description of each action.



The SYNC CURRENT action uploads all registration and category records from the local computer to the server.  The registration record includes bracketing data, which is also stored on the server, even though it is not accessible from the Server tab. If TSW detects a difference between a local record and the corresponding server record, the local record is always uploaded to the server, thus overwriting the server record. This happens even if the change on the server was modified later than the local record. TSW always assumes that the record on the local database is the desired record. This will explain why a record change on the server will revert back to whatever was on the local PC after a Sync Current action. New registrations that exist on the server, but not on the local database, are always downloaded to the local database because the local database has no content to compare. New registrations manually created on the local database (those with ID numbers in the format “IN_1234567890123”) are always uploaded to the server and assigned a permanent unique ID number by the server.


The RELOAD CURRENT action downloads all registration and category records from server onto local database, overwriting the all records on the local database. There is no comparison done during a Reload Current process because TSW assumes that you want what’s on the server. The Reload Current action is recommended whenever you log into TSW from a computer that has an old version of the database. Do not use Reload Current if you have changes on the local database that have not yet been uploaded to the server.


It is recommended that you choose whether a local database or the server database is the Work in Progress for a specific tournament. You should use only one database source for Work In Progress. If more than one person works on the same tournament database, you must coordinate among each other to assign where the Work-in-Progress database will be at any one time.


If you decide that a local database is the Work In Progress, then you should make all changes from that local database. Do this if you often make most of your changes offline on a specific computer. Each time you start up TSW, you should select GET LOCAL option instead of CLEAR & RELOAD to load your local database at the start of TSW. After you complete a session on TSW (before you log out), we recommend you do a Sync Current action before you exit TSW, just in case you later decide that you want to make the Server database the Work In Progress for purposes of switching to a different computer.

If you decide that the server database is your Work In Progress, always make your registration and category edits from the Server tab on TSW (or from the web version of the admin software). When you work on the Server tab, you are not making any changes to the local database. Do NOT do a Sync Current action, otherwise your server changes will be overwritten with the local database. If you need to get the Work In Progress down to the local database, then select CLEAR & RELOAD upon starting TSW, or select the RELOAD CURRENT option from the big SYNC button at the top of TSW. You would normally choose the server as the Work In Progress if you don’t really have a regular computer that you use to update the database. Choose the Server as the Work In Progress if you plan to edit the tournament data from multiple locations.


Here are recommended usages of Sync Current and Reload Current:

  1. If your online registration is still open, assign the server as the Work In Progress and make all your changes on the Server tab. Don’t work on the database locally, until you need to work on the brackets. Do not use the Sync Current option to download the server database. Always use Reload Current or CLEAR AND RELOAD option from the start of TSW. You can reload the database from the server so you can view the brackets and have a look or play around with it, but only for viewing or experimenting purposes. Do not make permanent changes on the local database, and do not use the Sync Current option until you are ready to assign the local database as the Work In Progress.
  2. Once your online registration closes, you should do a Reload Current of the database to download from the server for one final time, and then assign the local database as your Work In Progress. Then make all your registration changes only from the local database, and do a Sync Current at the end of each session in order to keep option your to work on another computer on the next session.