Creating Promo Code for Free Registration

Promotions ModuleYou can use a Promotion Code to provide one or more competitors with a free registration. When someone uses a promo code for free entry, and there is no additional balance from a store purchase, his pending registration is immediately processed and he gets processed as if he paid or was approved by you. He will immediately receive an email confirmation of his approved registration.

Here’s how to create a promo code for free entry:

  1. Access the web version of the administration software. Alternatively, log into the Server on the full version and click on the “Server” tab.
  2. Click on the word “Tournaments” from the left side of the window.  This displays a list of all your current tournaments.
  3. Click on the tournament where this promo code will apply.
  4. Click on the + icon to the left of the word “Tournaments” to expand the display of modules.
  5. Click on the module Promotions” (see screenshot here on right). This will display this list of promo codes you already have.
  6. Click on the button “Add” at the bottom of the Promotions list to create your new promo code.
  7. Enter the code that the competitor will enter to redeem the discount.
  8. Creating a Free Promo CodeEnter the Name and the type of discount to help you understand the purpose of this discount.
  9. You may enter a restriction on how many will redeem this code. If you leave this field blank, then there is no restriction on the number of times this code can be used.
  10. Enter in the valid dates for this code.
  11. Enter 100 for the Discount.
  12. Select the % symbol from the pull down menu.
  13. If the free entry is only for a specific category, then select that category from the Applied Category. If you select more than one category for this code, then it will apply the discount for only one of these categories. If you don’t care what categories are selected, then leave this Applied Categories blank.
  14. If the free entry is for competitors who meet a specific criteria (like age range, last name, gender, email address, etc), then you need to add the criteria in the Applied Fields area. If you don’t have specific criteria for the code. then leave this area blank.
  15. Click on Submit to complete the code creation.

Click here to view the full documentation on how to create and use promotion codes.