Configuring URL for IPN on Paypal account

When a registration payment clears on your Paypal account, Paypal has the ability to inform our server that a specific registration has been paid. This feature is called IPN (Instant Payment Notification), where Paypal sends a message to the STRONGVON server to indicate that it’s clear to process a pending registration to the Approved list. To enable this feature on your Paypal account you need to ensure that you enable the IPN feature your Paypal account, and that you configure the STRONGVON URL for that feature.

To configure the correct URL, follow these instructions:

1. Log into your Paypal account on

2. Select “Profile and Settings” from the top right of the screen as shown below.


3. Select “My Selling Tools” from the left side.

4. Locate the “Instant notification section” section under “Getting paid and managing my risk”, and click on Update link on the right side of the section, as shown below.


5. This opens the settings for Instant Payment Notifications, where the Notification URL is configured. Enable the feature if it is not already on.

6. After enabling it, click on Edit Settings button to configure the URL is to “” as shown in the below screenshot.


After the URL is configured, you are ready to use the IPN feature. All registration payments that come in from now on will push the pending registration to the Approved list, and the competitor will receive an email acknowledgment of his completed registrations.

Ensure that if you change the Paypal account on this tournament, you will need to follow the above instructions again for the new Paypal account.