Click and Drag Placement

The new “Click and Drag” features is a much welcomed addition to the bracketing capabilities of the full admin software (TSW). Previously, whenever you were viewing the bracket and decided that you wanted to move a competitor into a different bracket or node, you would either have to open the registration and change the category field selections. Now, all you have to do is click and drag the name from the old bracket and drop it into the new bracket.

To use the click-and-drag feature to move a competitor from a single or double elimination bracket:

  1. Load the current database onto your local database
  2. Click on the Brackets tab, and select to view the current bracket of the competitor you wish to move.
  3. Load the competitor into a node on his current bracket. It’s easiest to click on the Re-Load Bracket button when viewing his current bracket on the Brackets tab, which simultaneously loads everyone associated with that bracket into a node.
  4. Expand the Division Tree on the left until the destination bracket is visible. Don’t click on it, because you still need to be viewing the current bracket.
  5. Select the node of the competitor that you wish to move by clicking on it once on the current bracket.
  6. Click and drag the competitor’s name from his current node, and drop the name onto the destination bracket on the Division Tree. When you do this, the name will be removed from the current bracket. Also notice on the Division Tree that the competitor count for current bracket is reduced by one, while the competitor count on the destination bracket is increased by one. If the removal of the current bracket causes the bracket size to change (for example reducing the count from 5 to 4 competitors will change the bracket size from an 8 node bracket to a 4 node bracket), then you will be notified that the remaining competitors who are affected by the size reduction will be removed from their nodes and put back into the Non Placed list.
  7. Click on the destination bracket to view it in the Current Bracket area. Notice that even though the competitor count increases, the competitor who was just moved into this bracket now appears in the Non Placed list. Even though he is associated with this new bracket, he is not automatically placed into a node on the bracket.
  8. Click on the Re-Load Bracket button to place all competitors of the destination bracket into a node, including the competitor who was just moved.

If you have moved a competitor into a destination bracket where had had been previously placed, the competitor may be automatically loaded into that node if it is empty. This means that you do not need to place him into a node on the destination bracket unless you want to use TSW’s placement algorithm with the current competitor list on that bracket.