Using Yellow Flag for Bracket Complete

Bracket Complete Flag

The “Bracket Complete” flag (yellow triangle) indicates when all match winners and nodes of the placement table on a bracket have been complete.

Using Conditional Registrations

Mark Conditional on Server

The Conditional status is introduced in this version to provide an intermediate status between Pending and Approved. The administrator assigns a registration to have the Conditional status when he wants to download a pending registration to the local database and approve it while offline.

Changing displayed fields for Published Registration List

Access Published Fields

You can change the displayed fields on the Registration list that you can publish online from TSW. The labels of the published fields must be defined prior before publishing competitor’s list or brackets.

Search & Filter Techniques for Registration List

View Filter Tool

The view filter bar at the top of the registration list (approved, pending, or conditional) has been made to apply nested levels of filters. Thus, you are able to refine searches until you locate the desired registrations.

Click and Drag Placement


New feature allows you to click and drag the name from the old bracket and drop it into the new bracket. View demo clip and see how it’s used.

Brackets widget now released


Using TSW 8.0.17 or higher, you can generate widget code to embed STRONGVON online brackets from your tournament directly into your website.