Configuring URL for IPN on Paypal account


When a registration payment clears on your Paypal account, Paypal has the ability to inform our server that a specific registration has been paid. This feature is called IPN (Instant Payment Notification), where Paypal sends a message to the STRONGVON server to indicate that it’s clear to process a pending registration to the Approved list. […]

Re-sending IPN from Paypal


When you run out of credits on your tournament, the IPN (Instant Payment Notification) messages from your Paypal account will be ignored by the STRONGVON server, so your pending registrations that later get paid will not be automatically processed through to the Approved list without credits. When you purchase more credits, only new IPN messages […]

Block online registration for a division


A little known feature but very useful feature on TSW is the ability to block online registration for any specific bracket on your tournament. When there is a specific combination of skill level, weight class, and age group for which you wish to prevent online registration, you can easily do so using TSW. This is useful when […]

Fast TSW Closure on Freeze on Windows


When the STRONGVON Administration Software (TSW) freezes on Windows, the fastest way to recover is to end the process from the Task Manager. Be aware that this action will cause you to lose any unsaved changes on your local database. Do not do these steps unless you’re sure TSW has frozen: 1. Open the Task […]

Distinguish between Sync Current and Reload Current


There are two ways to get tournament data from the STRONGVON server and data on the local computer to be synchronized with one another: SYNC CURRENT and RELOAD CURRENT. To ensure that you do not inadvertently lose changes that were made from either the server or the local computer, you must first understand the functions […]

Selecting Tournament Currency


To change the currency used throughout your tournament: 1. Access the Update Tournament window on the web version or on the Server tab of the full version. You must be logged into the server to change configurations on this window. 2. Select to view the “Costs” tab of the Update Tournament window (2nd tab on […]

Linking Previous Tournament to Promo Code


You can link a promo code of a tournament to registrations from a previous tournament. This will allow you to create promo codes that are only valid for competitors of a previous tournament. The “Link Tour” field at the bottom of the Update Promo Code window of your current tournament is where you would specify […]

Using Maximum Currency for Promo Code


You can now specify a Maximum Currency value for a promo code. This new value works similarly to the way the Minimum Currency field works on a promo code. The promo code is valid only when the value of the registration reaches the Minimum Currency value, but cannot be greater than the Maximum Currency value. […]

Creating Promo Code for Free Registration

Free Registration

You can use a Promotion Code to provide one or more competitors with a free registration. When someone uses a promo code for free entry, his pending registration is immediately processed and he gets processed as if he paid or was approved by you.

Java Applet Workaround

Java Logo

With recent updates to Java’s Applet technology, follow these instructions to add STRONGVON to Java’s Exception Site list for continued use of free admin applet.