The STRONGVON Tournament Management System provides a powerful tool for creating and managing brackets. The system is streamlined for handling brackets where the criteria is based on the qualification of the individual competitor. To create brackets on the system, you must first set up the categories that model the brackets. Then you add registrations to the system and assign them to the most appropriate categories. After the categories are created and the registrations are assigned to categories, then you can begin the management of brackets.

Data flow among the bracket, category, and registration modules is seamless so that you need to manage information from only one source. Changes on one module are instantaneously changed on the other modules. Bracket data is saved with the local database alongside the category and registration data; in other words, it is backed up and synchronized with the central database, giving you mobility to work from more than one location.

This document explains the possible types of brackets you can accommodate for an event and outline the procedures for moving competitors among the brackets, creating the initial draws, printing and publishing the bracket diagrams, tracking match winners, tally the winners of all brackets.