Brackets widget now released

Starting with TSW version 8.0.17, you can generate widget code for your online brackets. This widget code embeds the online brackets directly onto an external web page, or embeds a button that opens a popup window to display the brackets. Either way, STRONGVON brackets can be displayed within the confines of your website. The bracket widget follows suit with other widgets already available for generation on TSW (Registration Form, Registrants List, Summary of Winners, and Online Store).

To embed your tournament’s online bracket into your website:

  1. Open the Update Tournament Window.
  2. Click on “Generate Widget” button at the top.
  3. Select the “Bracket” radio button.
  4. Select “Integrated” if you want your widget to be directly embedded into the webpage, or select “Button” if you want your widget to display a button that opens the bracket as an overlay window.
  5. Click on “Copy to Clipboard” button.
  6. Paste clipboard content into your web page using an HTML editor.