Block online registration for a division

A little known feature but very useful feature on TSW is the ability to block online registration for any specific bracket on your tournament. When there is a specific combination of skill level, weight class, and age group for which you wish to prevent online registration, you can easily do so using TSW. This is useful when you have too many competitors in a division, or you do not want to offer competition for a specific division. For example, you may wish to block online registration of Grey belts for all weight classes in the 16-17 year old age group. Blocking specific brackets from online registration would be much more convenient than restructuring your category to exclude that possible combination.

To block a specific division from online registration:

  1. Download the latest tournament into your local database. You can do this either by performing a Clear and Reload at the start of running TSW, or you can perform a Reload Current, or you can perform a Sync Current. Please read the article on the differences between local and server databases to determine the most appropriate method for you.
  2. After downloading the latest tournament database to your local computer, ensure that you are logged into the server. You cannot block a division unless you are logged in.
  3. Access the “Registrations” tab on TSW.
  4. If no one is already in the division, populate the division with at least one person. This does not need to be a permanent assignment, so you would need to save this change. You can choose any existing registration for this assignment, or add a new registration if there is no one in your tournament. Remember you would not need to save this change, so it doesn’t matter which registration you choose. After the division that you wish to block has at least one registration in it, you can continue to block the division.
  5. Access the “Brackets” tab, select the division under the Division Tree on the left side, so that it appears in the Current Bracket view on the right side.
  6. Right mouse click on the division on the Division Tree. A popup menu will appear as shown below.
  7. Select “Block Registration” from the popup menu, as shown below. When you do this, the server will be immediately notified that it must block any online registration for this specific bracket. An icon of a key will appear to the right of the division in the Division tree to indicate that it’s been locked (see screenshot below).After the blocking task is complete, you may log off the server or exit TSW as required. The locked state will remain in tact, regardless of the competitor count in that division, until you specifically execute the unblock task for that division.  When competitors try to register online for the block division, they will see an error that indicates the division is closed.
  8. To unblock the division, follow steps 1 to 6 from above. Then select “Unblock Registration” from the popup menu (which appears when a division is currently blocked.) After unblocking a division, the division will remain unblocked until you execute the procedures above for blocking the division again.block-division-config