Alleviate Tournament Stress

Do you get annoyed at the last minute changes at tournaments because of mistakes in registrations or objection to the initial draws? Are you tired of competitors always asking you when they’re fighting or how many people are in their division? Do you dread having to shuffle around people on the day of the tournaments for one reason or another?

Of course you do, you’re a tournament promoter! Here are time proven tips that will alleviate the frustration:

Publish the Registration List. It’s very important that you publish the registration list at the close of pre-registration. This allows a competitor to see exactly how his registration is being processed, and gives him an opportunity correct any mistakes in the division assignment, team assignment, and spelling of name. Using the Internet, you can instantly update the corrections as they happen.

Publish the Intial Draws. After completing your first pass at the initial draws, publish it so competitors can see the bracket size, the type of elimination, and their first opponent. This way, you are can flush out more mistakes and catch objections to match ups. Again, the fastest way to publish draws is to use the Internet.

Post Bracket Sheets on the Wall. Nothing is easier in stopping competitors from asking you annoying questions about their brackets than to post the bracket sheets on the wall at the tournament, especially the intial draws.

Be Prepared to Re-Print Bracket Sheets. Competitors are always dropping out because of injury, no show, weight issues, and foul play. Set yourself up with a laptop and printer ready for re-printing and re-posting bracket sheets on the fly. The faster you can communicate the changes to others, the easier it will be to accommodate the change.

Have the Registration Database Readily Available. The more helpers you have with access to the registration database on the day of the tournament, the easier it is for you to delegate the answering of questions or changing of registration. Save your time for the more important issues of the day.

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